eBay Opens First UK High Street Concept Store

On Friday, May 10 eBay launched its first concept store in the UK. The month long pop-up shop is eBay’s latest commitment to the City of Wolverhampton.

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In September eBay announced a partnership with the City Council to help boost 64 local businesses via its Retail Revival program.

eBay designed the new space with the theme “Home Grown by Wolverhampton.” A place where a botanical garden meets first-class retail space, it stands as a physical symbol of the important role that homegrown businesses play in their communities.

Local businesses help give a community its own identity and character. The space aims to celebrate eBay’s work to help Wolverhampton’s businesses combat the challenging retail climate and evolve for the 21st Century, showing how online and offline retail can coexist and work in harmony.

40 Participating Small Businesses

In the shop, eBay brings together 40 small businesses that are part of the Retail Revival program to showcase their products and personal stories.

The selection of businesses featured will change each week and will include businesses such as Tony’s Deli, a local deli selling his food hampers online, HomeSmart Blinds, a Wolverhampton based window blind installer and White B Gifts, a business selling illustrations inspired by local history.

Visitors and local residents can visit the shop to learn more about local entrepreneurs and small businesses. They can take advantage of special promos and discounts to shop products, collect eBay orders and attend several events.

Local businesses will host a series of free workshops for the public ranging from a floral arranging masterclass to a tote-bag design session.

“The small retailers taking part in Wolverhampton’s Retail Revival have already shown that physical and online retail can survive – and thrive – together. They have achieved more than £2 million in sales as of March, and many have employed more staff as a direct result of the partnership.”

“This pop-up store aims to take that growth, and the value of this program, to the next level. It will explore how stores of the future could combine technology with that vital human connection to powerful effect – whatever the size of the business.”

Rob Hattrell, Vice President of eBay UK

The Home Grown by Wolverhampton store will be open every day from 10am-7pm until June 6. For more information on Home Grown by Wolverhampton visit ebaypopup.co.uk.

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