The eBay Partner Network (EPN) is eBay’s affiliate marketing program that enables blogs to promote eBay products on their sites.

eBay’s affiliate program has always lived a bit in the background with many sellers not even aware it existed.

There was a time when eBay actively promoted the idea for sellers to use eBay links to drive traffic and offer a discount on fees if the item sold, but that is long gone.

With the eBay Partner Network, eBay went into a standard affiliate program, which served up static banners or website owners could manually insert links for text.

Now, eBay has improved EPN with two new features that will help website owners deploy eBay affiliate links and banners a lot easier and faster.

Smart Links

Smart Links is a new feature that enables website owners to automatically convert every link pointing to eBay to an affiliate link.

The feature generates a snippet of JavaScript code that is added to the website. This JS code will add the affiliate code to every eBay link in real time, thereby giving credit to the affiliate marketer for completed sales.

To learn more about Smart Links, click here.

Smart Placements

The new Smart Placements feature is an intelligent banner addition that uses the same retargeting signals eBay uses in other marketing channels.

When a visitor enters the affiliate marketer’s website, eBay will serve up a personalized banner that takes into consideration the visitor’s browsing history.

You may have noticed as you browse the web, ads served up by Google’s AdSense (and others) technology keep reminding you of websites or products you may have visited in the recent past.

This function is nearly identical to AdSense except tweaked for eBay use. It works especially well for visitors that may have visited eBay recently.

Also, website owners have the option to adjust the Smart Placements banners to display products that are more in line with their site’s editorial focus. This feature provides a lot of flexibility to site owners so they can pick the method they would prefer on their website.

To learn more about Smart Placements, click here.

More Promotions For Sellers

Improving the affiliate program is another step forward by eBay to drive more traffic to the marketplace. While many sellers lamented reductions in discounts, the company is putting the extra revenue to good use.

What do you think about what eBay has done for driving traffic? Do you think the affiliate program upgrade will achieve that goal as well? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. I’ve been using eBay’s affiliate program for a while now and you’re right– it is slept on for a lot of affiliate marketers. Their dashboard still lacks a lot of functionality as they continue to make improvements, but it’s exciting to see how it develops.
    I don’t understand why more affiliate marketers aren’t using this platform. Contrast to other affiliate programs, commissions continue to increase as their business structure is based on increase bids.

    1. I fully agree with you that the eBay affiliate program is not as widely known and it provides a lot of opportunity. We will keep watching it for more improvements and report on it here. Thank you for your comments.


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