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eBay Payments Limited to Two Countries in First Two Years


A quote from Steve Fisher, Senior Vice President of Payments at eBay is making a few international seller nervous.

“Looking ahead to 2019, we will expand our new experience to more buyers and sellers in the US and begin rolling out our new payments experience outside the US.”

He seems to indicate there will be a significant international roll-out in 2019 of the new eBay Payments program, but that is not correct.

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eBay Governed by Operating Agreement with PayPal

Under the operation agreement between eBay and PayPal, it restricts eBay in its roll-out of the new payments program to two countries until mid-2020.

The company also has to keep a lid on the number of sales that can be processed with eBay Payments.

In the first year, only up to five percent of sales can be processed by eBay and in the second year the volume can go as high as ten percent.

eBay has been silent about what second country it may choose for its initial testing phase.

Canada is a leading candidate because the marketplace operates very similar to the U.S. marketplace.

However, it also would make sense for eBay to pick a marketplace such as the UK or Australia that may provide different conditions in which to test the program.

Regardless which country is next in the roll-out phase, one of the most problematic issues of the initial launch phase for the U.S. marketplace, not being able to accept PayPal, may be resolved.

eBay’s Vice President of Payments, Alyssa Cutright, commented on that topic:

“Offering PayPal in a managed model requires a new integration for us, and it’s one we are working on now. We expect to make PayPal available in summer 2019.”

Hopefully, this means the new “integration code” can transfer to the second country and this PayPal restriction will not be an issue then.

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