As eCommerce continues to grow and become even more competitive, one of the most important aspects of any market is pricing.

Many businesses and products are made or broken by pricing. How a product is priced makes all the difference in any market.

eBay Price Match Guarantee coming to deals

eBay understands this and will shortly launch a price match guarantee for over 20,000 deals in the UK.

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This service will be coming in to eBay UK later this month.

Items on eBay’s Deals Program are included in this and are set to have the best deal prices that eBay has to offer.

The service will compare prices from six other major online outlets, and eBay will either match or go lower than the prices offered in the other eCommerce outlets.

Already eBay has something of this sort on its Deals Program, wherein if the price from competitors are lower, eBay would then offer a coupon so as to offset the price difference between that of eBay and the competitors.

Not all items are part of this programme though. An item must be part of the 20,000 ones for it to be eligible for the price match programme.

How will it work?

The criteria for an item to be one of the 20,000 are that it must be new, identical and available.

It must also be comparable to eBay’s competitors such as Amazon, Currys, Argos, Asda, John Lewis & Tesco

The eBay Deals Program is open to everyone. No membership is required to participate in it.

The eBay price match guarantee will not only roll out in the UK, but will also be available in other European markets as well such as Germany, France and Italy.

This follows the eBay price match guarantee programme which has been launched in the U.S. earlier this year. The price match guarantee scheme has been posted on eBay’s site as well which you can see here.

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