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eBay Releases Promoted Listings for Single Quantity Items

eBay announced Monday they have released the ability to boost a listing’s visibility through ad placements even for single quantity items. eBay calls this program Promoted Listings.

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This service enhancement was promised to be available shortly at eBay Open 2017 and the company made good on that pledge.

There are still some restrictions to Promoted Listings. Motors fitment and auctions do not quality for Promoted Listings and sellers must be located in the U.S.

But this is just another indication how eBay’s culture has changed. They are taking advancing the platform very seriously and are willing to make incremental updates to the platform year around.

While regular seller updates will continue, they will focus on major changes to the platform. The incremental updates will mostly enhance the platform on existing features and services.

Benefits of eBay Promoted Listings

Unlike PPC (Pay Per Click) programs, eBay’s Promoted Listings are performance driven. This feature means you only pay for the Promoted Listing when a buyer clicks on the ad and purchases the item within 30 days.

Additionally, eBay offers a Promoted Listings credit to Top Rated and Anchor Store subscribers. Every quarter, can receive a $30 and $25 credit respectively. And qualifying Top Rated and Anchor Store subscribers can get the full $55 credit.

eBay also provides users of Promoted Listings detailed performance metrics. This data will help sellers make better decisions on which listings benefit by adding Promoted Listings.

To learn more about the benefits of eBay Promoted Listings, follow this link. The link includes videos and detailed instructions on how to setup your own Promoted Listings on eBay.

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