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eBay Protecting US Sellers From USPS Delays


eBay said this week, “Your seller performance standards will not be negatively impacted due to carrier delays.”

The company is responding to an ever-increasing number of reports nationwide that new directives by the United States Postal Service are resulting in delayed mail and parcel delivery.

While eBay did not specify this is a USPS only problem, there have been no widespread reports of UPS and FedEx issues.

However, it seems the company will protect sellers from late deliveries, regardless of the shipping carrier.

eBay said it is continuing to monitor and evaluate the environment and the company will remain flexible as it pertains to protecting its sellers.

It further acknowledged that following discussions with shipping carriers and feedback from sellers, eBay is seeing some delays in deliveries.

eBay Reinstating Seller Protections

Because the pandemic continues to impact carriers, eBay is reinstating seller protections specifically related to shipping delays.

The company is removing shipping defects due to carrier delays, and sellers will be protected from late shipments.

If a seller provides valid tracking and the shipping carrier is experiencing delays, eBay will credit sellers with on-time tracking upload so that there is no negative impact on the seller’s ability to qualify as a Top Rated Seller.

Also, eBay is offering shipping defect protections retroactively beginning on July 1st through August 31st and the company extended estimated delivery times across the US where it has indications that packages may be delivered late.

It is important to remember, stated handling times must be met as that is the seller’s responsibility and eBay will only provide seller protections if the seller’s shipments are delayed for reasons beyond their control.

This new policy applies to United States eBay sellers shipping to US buyers only.

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