Image: Adobe stock | Questions
Image: Adobe stock | Questions

Demystifying eBay Questions & Answers


Starting this week, eBay is adding Questions & Answers to every Product Page. All eBay sellers are automatically part of the program.


The new Q&A feature enables shoppers to post questions about a product to sellers as well as to recent buyers of the product.

The key takeaway is that these questions and answers show on Product Pages, not individual seller listings. These are the static Product Pages that are part of the 200 million pages eBay created from catalog information, listings, and items specifics content.

A lot of confusion spread on eBay’s community forums regarding this new feature. Most sellers thought this is a new feature specifically added to their listing pages.

However, this feature is for questions that are only relevant to the product and other sellers and previous buyers of the product may answer.

The listing specific ask the seller links are not disappearing. Those are still important for buyers if they need to know delivery information or have condition questions.


It is best to understand this Q&A feature as a crowdsourced pre sale feature to help buyers make purchasing decisions. The same way a potential buyer may read reviews, look at uploaded user images, or watch a customer uploaded video on Amazon product pages.

Multimedia features are not (yet) available on eBay’s Product Pages. But considering the popularity of user generated multimedia on other platforms, it probably is just a matter of time.

Image: eBay | Product Page Q&A Form
Image: eBay | Product Page Q&A Form

After the launch of Q&A on product pages this week, the feature will be added to View Item pages in October.

As a benefit to responding to buyers, a seller’s answers will be ranked at the top of their listings on View Item pages. Other buyers can also view the answers, giving a seller’s listing additional exposure.

eBay did state they would review relevancy of Q&A questions to make sure the information is product specific, not listing specific. Presumably, eBay is going to use some machine learning algorithm in combination with human reviews.


The purpose for adding this feature is to provide dynamic content to static Product Pages. This questions and answers improve SEO and increase conversion.

And finally, for sellers that are apprehensive about this feature, there is an opt-out option available. However, it would be prudent to see how this program impacts sales before just opting out.

Remember, if you are not participating, others will, and that may affect your sales much more.

What do you think of this feature? Have you noticed it yet on eBay? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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