eBay Image Search - Introduced 2017

eBay Removes Popular Image Search Function from IOS and Android Apps

eBay has disabled the Search by Image function in the latest update of its mobile apps.

The feature, which was introduced in 2017, enabled users to take a picture of an object such as a shoe or shirt, and find items on the marketplace that closely matched the object in the image.

eBay was one of the first major marketplaces to introduce this type of feature and based on comments in its community forum, it was very popular.

The Search by Image function is also supported through its developer API, which enables developers to build apps to enhance the eBay marketplace, adding even more functionality to the API function as recently as November.

But now for reasons unknown, eBay has removed the feature from its own apps, as confirmed by an eBay staff account in the eBay Community Forums.

“The image search functionality has been temporarily turned off for both the iOS and Android apps.”

eBay Statement

No additional information was offered by eBay on why the feature was removed and no ETA was provided about its return.

eBay Other Changes This Week – Related?

This week, eBay also sent out a last warning to eBay Partner Network developers to migrate off APIs and the company updated its user privacy policy (effective December 23) that includes some new data protection policies.

Could there be a connection?

We have reached out to eBay to request additional clarification and if we receive any, we will update this post.

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