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In a 2019 announcement, eBay decided to “improve“ the buying experience by removing some shipping options it thought were not the most cost effective for buyers. Now eBay has reversed this decision.

“We heard that the hidden shipping options created challenges for some sellers, including buyers not seeing the shipping service they wanted and concerns buyers were not purchasing their items because all options were not shown.”

“We listened to your feedback and we’re again showing all shipping services you offer in your listings. Now buyers can select their preferred carriers, shipping costs, and estimated delivery dates from the options in your listings. We expect the expanded shipping options will create greater efficiencies for sellers and improve the buyer experience.”

Sellers won’t have to do anything for this change to take effect on their listings. However, sellers may wish to review what impact this change has on the shipping options offered to buyers by reviewing impacted listings.

Other eBay Shipping Updates

While many sellers look toward the bi-annual seller updates for major changes to the platform, eBay has mostly updated shipping services and policies in smaller doses. Here is a list of the significant changes that have occurred over the last few months.

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