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The guaranteed delivery initiative was originally announced at eBay Open 2017 and also mentioned in the Fall Seller update, but with no specific launch date.

We also saw no “official” announcement from eBay’s standard communication’s channels that this feature is live on the site.

But a tweet by eBay CEO Devin Wenig seems to indicate the platform is now showing over 20 million items with guaranteed delivery times.

Standard delivery guarantee is 3 days, but options exist for expedited service guarantees (if offered by seller and purchased by buyer) for 1 and 2 day service.

If you are an eBay seller, here is the link to learn more about guaranteed delivery. Do remember this is a per listing opt-in feature and you should only enable it if you can meet the processing and shipping deadlines.

If eBay announced anything official, we will update this post.

Drop us a line in the comments section what you think about eBay offering guaranteed delivery from sellers that opt-in to this feature.


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