eBay SBAN members visit with company executives to lobby congress for fairer 1099-K thresholds.
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eBay Takes Small Business Owners to Capitol Hill Lobbying for a Higher 1099-K Threshold


Last week, Capitol Hill became a focal point for discussions on small business and tax reporting as members of eBay’s Small Business Ambassador Network (SBAN) met with key eBay executives and members of Congress.

The central topic of discussion was the 1099-K tax reporting threshold and its implications for casual and small business sellers on the eBay platform.

Concerns Over Potential Barriers for New Entrepreneurs

The SBAN members, alongside eBay President & CEO Jamie Iannone and SVP & CFO Steve Priest, engaged in dialogues with Congress members, emphasizing the potential challenges that the current tax reporting requirements could pose to emerging entrepreneurs.

The discussions highlighted concerns that the existing tax reporting threshold might dissuade individuals from initiating businesses on eBay due to the complexity and burdens associated with the new lower reporting threshold.

A Personal Perspective: Angie Nelson’s Entrepreneurial Journey

A notable moment from the day was a panel discussion hosted by Washington Post Live, where Angie Nelson, an SBAN member and owner of eWaste Direct, shared insights with Jamie Iannone, eBay President & CEO.

Nelson reflected on her journey as an entrepreneur on eBay, underscoring how the platform facilitated the growth and prosperity of her small business.

She expressed that a $600 1099-K tax reporting threshold at the onset of her business endeavors might have hindered her pursuit of then-unknown opportunities.

“This is supposed to be the land of opportunities,” Nelson said. But with the 1099-K threshold being so low, “I just think it is going to make the accidental entrepreneur a nonexistent thing.”

Advocacy for a Compromise Solution

The SBAN members advocated for a compromise solution to be reached before the year concludes, aiming to shield numerous Americans from perplexing and potentially unnecessary tax documentation.

The discussions throughout the day underscored the importance of adjusting the 1099-K threshold, particularly for casual sellers dealing in used or pre-owned items where no taxable event occurs.

The Role and Impact of eBay’s SBAN Program

eBay’s SBAN program establishes a crucial link between eBay sellers and policymakers, ensuring that the latter comprehend the potential impacts – both positive and negative – of proposed legislation and regulations on small business proprietors.

eBay acknowledges the value of having a committed group of sellers who are prepared to pause their business operations momentarily to share their narratives and emphasize to lawmakers and their teams the criticality of formulating policies and legislation that boosts small businesses.

Learn More and Get Involved

For those interested in learning more about the eBay Small Business Ambassador Network or exploring opportunities to serve as an Ambassador and participate in future Advocacy Days, additional information is available here.

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