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eBay Seller Council Looking For New Sellers To Join in UK


eBay UK has put out the call via their announcements page for business owners to apply to join the eBay Seller Council. Chances are as a seller on the eBay marketplace you will have strong opinions on what works and what doesn’t on the platform, and that’s what eBay wants to hear from you.

Another interesting benefit of the seller council is it grants you the ability to talk directly with eBay UK, something that hasn’t always been easy to achieve for the majority of sellers. You can see the full announcement from eBay below.

How To Join The eBay Seller Council

“Sellers and their businesses are at the heart of eBay and your feedback is invaluable in shaping our future direction. That’s why we’re inviting you to join the eBay Seller Council, where you could participate in digital interviews, discussions, and online surveys to connect eBay’s business sellers with eBay decision-makers.

Why get involved?

  • Take part in a two-way conversation between you and the eBay team
  • Learn about upcoming developments on eBay and be part of their creation
  • Have your say and take part in shaping the future of eBay
  • Get opportunities to meet and network with other business sellers

How to register

To sign up for the program, please click the link to answer a few questions about you, how you sell on eBay and your business. Once you’ve signed up, the eBay Seller Council team will be in touch to let you know about any upcoming research you could take part in.

As always, thank you for selling on eBay

Your eBay seller team”

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