eBay Releases 2023 Fall Seller Update

There is a lot of news and information from eBay this week, including a Fall Seller Update. The update brings a host of new features and improvements designed to help sellers reach a wider audience, streamline their operations, and stay ahead in a competitive marketplace.

eBay says its top priority is to equip sellers with the tools they need to thrive in their businesses, and this update reflects that commitment. Here’s a breakdown of the key enhancements:

Reducing Unpaid Items for Buy It Now and Best Offer Listings

Unpaid items have been a persistent challenge for eBay sellers, and to address this issue, eBay has introduced changes to reduce incidents of unpaid items for Buy It Now and Best Offer sales. These changes include:

  • Buy It Now Purchases: eBay has increased the price threshold for Buy It Now items that require immediate payment, allowing sellers to offer higher-priced items with confidence that buyers will pay immediately.
  • Best Offer Updates: Buyers are now required to add a payment method when making offers on Best Offer listings. After the seller accepts the offer, eBay will automatically charge the buyer’s chosen payment method, streamlining the purchase process.
  • Future Enhancements: eBay plans to extend similar changes to Seller Initiated Offers, buyer counteroffers, and auctions to further improve the seller experience.

Compliance With European Regulations

For sellers catering to buyers in the European Union (EU), eBay is making it easier to comply with the Digital Services Act, a regulation established by the European Commission to enhance consumer protection.

Starting in early 2024, registered business sellers will need to display their business contact details on listings available to EU buyers. eBay has simplified this process, allowing sellers to provide customized business contact information via their Account Settings on My eBay.

By sharing their business details, sellers can earn the trust of EU buyers and stay ahead of the regulatory requirements that will come into effect in 2024.

Linking Social Media Accounts to eBay

eBay is expanding its Social page in Seller Hub to all sellers, not just Store subscribers. This feature enables sellers to connect their eBay accounts with their Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest accounts, making it easier to create custom posts that drive traffic to their listings. Sellers can also gain insights into the traffic generated by their social media efforts.

While the current integration includes Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, eBay is exploring ways to expand this feature to more platforms in the future, further enhancing sellers’ marketing capabilities.

Highlighting Coupons on Your Storefront

For Store subscribers, eBay is rolling out a new Sale tab on the storefront, where sellers can showcase active promotions and coupon offers. This tab centralizes coupon sales, making it easier for buyers to find discounted items. eBay is also exploring ways to include other promotions like markdowns under the Sale tab in the future.

Sending Offers for Multiple Listings With the eBay App

Sellers can now send offers for multiple listings simultaneously using the eBay app. This feature saves time, allows for targeted outreach to interested buyers, and can boost conversion rates. Sellers can access this feature on the Active page within the Selling tab on the eBay app.

AI-Powered Listing Features

eBay is introducing AI-powered features to help sellers create listings more efficiently. These features include:

  • AI-Generated Item Descriptions: U.S. sellers in most categories can now use AI-generated item descriptions to save time and create engaging listings.
  • Improved Background Removal Tool: The enhanced background removal tool simplifies the process of showcasing items on a white background, enhancing listing visibility.

These AI-powered features are already available on the eBay app and will gradually roll out across eBay in the coming weeks and months.

Category Changes for Improved Search Optimization

To align more closely with industry-standard classifications and improve search engine optimization (SEO), eBay is making category changes that will automatically move listings to more relevant categories.

This change aims to make it easier for both domestic and international buyers to find items. The process is automatic, and no action is required from sellers.

New Promoted Listings Advanced Features

eBay is introducing two new features for Promoted Listings Advanced to help sellers manage their campaigns more effectively:

  • Dynamic Bidding: This feature automatically optimizes keyword bids, ensuring efficient campaign performance.
  • Smart Targeting: Sellers can choose between Smart for automated management and Manual for more control over campaign setup and optimization. Smart targeting also provides insights into keyword strategies for manual campaigns.

Opt-In for Digital Form 1099-K

eBay is offering sellers the option to receive a digital copy of their Form 1099-K, promoting a paperless and convenient approach to tax documentation. Sellers can opt-in through their eBay account settings.

Combined Shipping for eBay International Shipping

eBay is introducing combined shipping for international orders, simplifying shipping costs for buyers, and increasing conversion for sellers. Buyers will be charged based on the weight and size of their entire order, rather than individual items.

Different International Shipping Choices for Buyers

Sellers will soon have the option to offer both eBay international shipping and another international shipping method on the same listing. This flexibility allows buyers to select their preferred shipping method at checkout.

Get More Details on eBay

eBay’s Fall Seller Update 2023 brings a wealth of improvements and features to benefit sellers, making it easier and more efficient to run successful businesses on the platform. Sellers are encouraged to explore these updates and take advantage of the enhanced tools and resources available to them.

This update is for U.S.-based sellers, or sellers selling on eBay.com. Canadian sellers can check out their Fall seller update here, and UK-based sellers can find their Autumn update here.

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