eBay Sellers Group Shot Visiting Capitol Hill During Advocay Day 2023

eBay Sellers Visit Washington D.C. To Meet With Legislatures About 1099-K Requirements and Counterfeit Products

eBay’s Small Business Ambassador Network (SBAN) recently made its presence felt on Capitol Hill during the company’s annual Advocacy Day.

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The event saw 12 SBAN members engaging with lawmakers to discuss and provide insights on small business policy proposals, while also advocating for necessary policy changes.

At the core of eBay’s SBAN program lies the crucial objective of bridging the gap between eBay sellers and policymakers.

By fostering this connection, the program strives to ensure that Congress comprehends the potential ramifications of proposed legislation and regulations on small business owners.

This proactive approach enables policymakers to make informed decisions that consider both the positive and negative impacts on the small business community.

The members of the SBAN who participated in Advocacy Day represented a diverse group of eBay sellers, each with their own unique experiences and perspectives.

Through constructive dialogues and open discussions, they had the opportunity to shed light on the challenges faced by small businesses in the ever-evolving landscape of commerce.

“Serving as an eBay small business ambassador is an immense responsibility. I am not just representing my business, but I am advocating on behalf of eBay small businesses nationwide,” said Paul Apollonia, owner of Paul’s Discount Store, Raleigh, NC.

“It is important to ensure small businesses have a voice on Capitol Hill and these meetings can have a huge impact on a piece of legislation a lawmaker or their staff member is considering. We provide the real life experience of how legislation and regulation can either help or hinder business,”

During this year’s Advocacy Day, small business sellers had the opportunity to engage with members of Congress, delving into two crucial policy matters affecting eBay sellers.

1099-K Reform

First and foremost, small sellers discussed the implications of new 1099-K tax reporting requirements on small-scale sellers.

The eBay Small Business Ambassadors voiced their concerns directly to lawmakers regarding the challenges posed by the newly imposed 1099-K tax reporting requirements.

Of particular fear were the implications for casual sellers or those involved in selling used or pre-owned items that do not involve taxable transactions.

Sellers exhibited great passion in discussing how these reporting requirements could potentially erect barriers for aspiring entrepreneurs and causal sellers.

The confusion surrounding the lower reporting threshold could dissuade individuals from selling on eBay, fearing a tax burden at the end of the year, while also keeping micro-business owners from starting up a business on eBay and other online marketplaces.

“We need our lawmakers to understand that the new thresholds for 1099-K reporting will serve as a barrier to those looking to start a business and they should consider the consequences and frankly, the unnecessary burden this will place on businesses that are already meeting their tax obligations under existing tax code,” said Kathy Terrill, owner of NYC Fitness, Family Finds, Manhattan, NY.

Counterfeit Goods

Additionally, eBay sellers had the opportunity to discuss with lawmakers the measures taken by eBay to combat fraud and the sale of counterfeit goods, an area of growing concern among legislators.

They emphasized the need for federal legislation that effectively targets criminal activities while safeguarding the interests of small businesses.

During these discussions, sellers highlighted eBay’s comprehensive arsenal of tools designed to detect and remove prohibited items, ensuring the protection of its community.

“As a seller, I feel strongly that eBay is working hard to ensure its community is protected from bad actors and to maintain a safe and trusted marketplace,” said Margie Rose, owner of Various Adventures, Darlington, SC.

The presence of the eBay Small Business Ambassador Network in Washington, D.C. to engage with lawmakers and their staff has a concrete influence on the drafting of legislation that takes small businesses into consideration.

eBay said it is fortunate to have a remarkable and committed group of sellers who willingly set aside time from their thriving businesses to share their experiences. They effectively convey to lawmakers and their staff the significance of crafting policies and legislation that support the needs of small businesses.

Get Involved With eBay SBAN

Sellers interested in learning more about the eBay Small Business Ambassador Network and who may want to serve as an ambassador on a future eBay Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C. can visit this link here.

In addition, eBay encourages sellers to follow eBay Main Street, its global grassroots action network to stay engaged in public policy issues that affect ecommerce and their business on the marketplace.

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