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We have received numerous emails from eBay sellers that received notices from eBay about unsecured content. We had reported that eBay was warning sellers to fix their listings in August and the issue was brought up again to sellers in the Fall Seller Update.

These seller notices start out sounding ominous, apparently an attempt by eBay to get sellers to take note and action now.

“We’re writing to let you know, that as of 08 November 2017, some of your listings are in violation of our policies and require immediate update.”

eBay email to sellers

While we expected notices to sellers around this time, we did not expect them to take the tone of a “policy violation.” Policy Violation messages usually infer some sort of imminent repercussion by eBay, but that is not the case (yet).

The only information eBay continues to provide on this issue is that some content may not be made visible or that shoppers with the latest version of Chrome will see the unsecure content message.

Of course, showing unsecured content will lead to checkout friction, so it is imperative that sellers fix the problem. It may also hurt eBay with sales from other sellers who are fully compliant as shoppers may blame eBay, not the listing, for the message.

If you received this notice, here two links you can use to help with this problem.

Third Party Tools

Some third-party tools may be the cause of the unsecured content message. Don’t panic! Just contact your tool provider, and they probably are working to fix the problem already.

Also, because of the complex nature of cross-link security, it is possible a bug slipped in that caused eBay to either falsely identify a listing or there was an oversight in the content provider’s code.

Drop us a line in the comments section if you received this notification and how you were able to fix it.

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