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eBay Launches Social Sharing in the UK, Australia, and Germany

Over the past few days, eBay has informed sellers in a number of its international markets that they can share listings directly to social media channels.

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Sellers in the UK, Australia, and Germany all have received notifications that they can now create custom social posts directly from the Social page in their Stores tab on Seller Hub.

Here are the direct links if you have an account on those marketplace platforms:

eBay explains it’s easy to get started with the feature:

  • Link your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest account to your new Social page under the Stores tab in Seller Hub — just click on the button for the social platform you want to post to.
  • Create custom social posts and drive new traffic to your Store and listings.
  • Add hashtags and multiple images to your posts that will be featured using the carousel format on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest at no cost.
  • Click Post. It’s that easy.
  • You can then manage your posts on all social media platforms right from Seller Hub.

One key point with this new integration is that you must own an eBay Store. It will not work for non-store owners.

The Twitter API 2.0 Question

While this new feature is great for sellers, it was also released around a time when there are numerous questions regarding Twitter’s new API 2.0.

As we reported 10 days ago, Twitter unveiled a new Enterprise tier which eBay’s integration would fall into, requiring third-party app developers to pay a reported $42,000 or more per month for this kind of feature.

Furthermore, we are aware that many small Twitter developers already had to shut down their Twitter integration as they couldn’t afford this new Enterprise tier. The other two tiers being offered are far too limited for a site-wide feature as eBay had developed.

And Twitter apparently shut down some integrations without notice and little short-term recourse, even though the mandatory switch to API 2.0 was not due until the end of the month.

So, if Twitter stops working out of the blue, don’t blame eBay, blame Twitter as apparently there is so much confusion about this new API 2.0 and how it’s being implemented that developers of all sizes are confused about what this means for their business.

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