eBay Struggles to Solve Technical Issue in Seller Hub with Item Specifics

For days now eBay has been updating users on a Seller Hub/Item Specifics problem, but continues to have issues and is asking feedback from sellers.

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eBay started to receive complaints from sellers that item specifics were not updating correctly from the October 15 update.

The company issued a statement saying:

“Last week, as part of a Seller Hub data update, we experienced an outage of the Seller Hub Performance tab. The issue was resolved and we are now working to retrieve any missing sales data between Oct. 12- Oct. 15. We are working hard to complete this by Wednesday, Oct. 23, at which time you’ll be able to use all Performance tab reporting features.”

Unfortunately, on the 23rd, the company issued another update this problem where they said they were focused on resolving three still outstanding issues:

  • Restoring left-hand navigation for a small group of categories.
  • Showing all item specifics values when filtering on a granular basis.
  • Addressing a small group of sellers who are missing data in the Seller Hub Performance tab between Oct. 12- Oct.15 and Oct. 18-Oct. 23.

eBay started a community thread dealing with this issue and is encouraging sellers to continue to report problems in the thread.

The company promised an update to this problem today, October 25 and we update this post when that happens.

Have you noticed this problem with your eBay listings and is the situation getting any better?

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