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Some sellers on eBay received an email from the eCommerce platform inviting them to start their own eBay store for free.

However tempting it sounds, the offer was greeted with scepticism, as evidenced by the hostile reaction of sellers on the eBay discussion boards.

Many of them sternly believe that eBay isn’t after the welfare of sellers and has simply cooked up a new way to cash in on their goods.

According to one seller who received the email, the offer is by invitation only and it read as follows:

“What is the Promotion?

Invited sellers (“Sellers”) who accept the offer and then sign up for a Monthly or Yearly eBay Store subscription, pursuant to the terms and conditions set forth herein, will receive a waived subscription fee (the “Promotional Rate”) for the first 2 months of the subscription start date (collectively referred to as “Promotion”).

*Source: eBay Q3 2017 Internal Data. 15% lift reflects conversion when moving from no returns to 30-day free returns. Individual results may vary. eBay does not guarantee that each seller will experience the same lift. Free returns: seller pays return shipping no matter the reason for return, with no restocking fee.”

Is eBay exposing sellers to scammers?

For many sellers opening an eBay store isn’t going to help their business; If anything, it increases their risk of being scammed by buyers.

The returns clause in eBay’s email, they say, makes them more vulnerable to frauds, who are capable of returning damaged items which they bought elsewhere and claiming a full refund.

In the middle of the eBay board discussion, a moderator chimed in and clarified the returns clause.

“When we state that a seller pays for the return no matter the reason for the return we are clarifying that the seller would pay for returns in both situations of remorse and in situations where the item did not match the description.” Moderator, eBay Boards

Still, that explanation didn’t pacify emotional sellers who claimed eBay has deserted them so many times in the past.

Do you sell on eBay? Let us know your thoughts on this issue in the comments below or over in our Facebook group.

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  1. Close to 2 decades of selling on ebay , 2 TRS+accounts , 2 perfect 100% stores , I sell a little of everything , new & used cloths , antiques , vintage items , collectibles ,. auto & appliance parts. Basically anything that isn’t illegal & is allowed on ebay ,,, Back in the day it was fun & easy to sell on ebay. Today it is a constant battle just to be seen because ebays constantly changing the way searches are done. You almost have to have a business degree & a degree in computer science to keep up with what going on.. I don’t have either & I get it done the best that I can. My biggest problem is ebay itself & the horrible customer service. I long for the day when all I had to deal with was a problematic buyer. Ebay system is a mess , constant glitches . constant rolling out NEW & IMPROVED programs that are only NEW…. AND the good programs are dandled in front of us & you have to be part of as selected group to use these features….. Calls to customer service is a daily thing. Because of ebay multi level customer service .. 90% of the time I get routed to the Philippines where just have a coherent conversation is hard & I end up training the newbie CS agent that have no idea how ebay works ( Not that I really do either LOL ) . .. I have tried many of the sellers groups on facebook , but they are a waist land of ebay cheerleaders , Newbies & TROLLS ,, where if you speak your mind on a ebay problem or your dislike of what ebay is doing , You get attacked for making disparaging remarks about “OUR TRADING PARTNER”. & if you dare question the admins or their little click of TROLLS .. You will get kicked to the curb fast. Don’t get me wrong, There are many great people in these groups ,, but they are run by egotistical tyrants that really only care about promoting themselves & how many people are in their groups & what they can get from them , Some of these groups have monthly dues just to have the privilege to talk to a admin that act like the GREAT & POWERFUL OZ behind his curtain of smoke & fire…. SO About 4 months ago I started s VERY SMALL facebook group of ebay sellers called “#MEGA Make Ebay Great Again” It is just a place to voice your concerns , problem , opinions , hacks & solution to issues of selling on ebay & other platforms,, We don’t have all the answers, but members are not chastised for asking a silly question or occasionally getting off subject,, … Well Speaking of getting off subject !!! I think I just did in my little rant,, LOL.. You all have a great day … Thank for lging me a place to vent before I start my day on eBay,, Ray #MEGA

    1. Ray, thanks for sharing your view. You make a lot of good points that we hear often as well. While I will be the first to say that eBay had to evolve and sellers also have to evolve to be competitive in today’s eCommerce, there also has to be some sort of middle ground at times that keeps smaller sellers on the platform without alienating them.


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