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eBay To Allow Photos in Feedback Soon?

It appears that eBay may be gearing up to introduce a new feature allowing images on seller feedback, with several eBay community members reporting they were asked to leave photos on feedback.

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Here is the screenshot posted by one community member what this screen looks like.

This new unannounced feature is different from images allowed in product reviews eBay released back in 2017. Images left in the feedback section are specific to the transaction, which is a double-edged sword because they could be abused by sellers.

In 2017, when eBay introduced images in product reviews, eBay’s then Lead Product Manager, Andy Chan said, “[w]e make sure images in eBay reviews are appropriate by working with various teams and data scientists to automatically detect spam, profanity, and non-product related reviews or images. A trained team of moderators provide a final check on every image.”

Of course, feedback is another animal, one that could generate a lot more images for moderators to review, even with the advancements in AI over the past six years.

Last year, Etsy released a similar feature allowing Video in feedback. They also had to address the same concerns from sellers about inappropriate content.

eBay has yet to officially announce this feature, but it appears they are currently only collecting photos and probably evaluating how this new feature may benefit feedback on individual sales.

In theory, displaying photos publicly could potentially be a downside for both sellers and the eBay marketplace if any issues arise with a transaction. Why publicize the information?

Frankly, it would really make more sense to limit the public display of images in feedback to instances when buyers leave positive feedback. But we’ll have to see until eBay announces this feature and how it will police the content.

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