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Last year, eBay UK rolled out a pilot program that enlists veteran sellers to provide online coaching and support to new eBay sellers. The company partnered with UK-based Limitless, a platform that says they “empower anyone on the planet to earn money for providing brilliant customer service for brands they love.“

Now select US top-rated sellers have received an invitation by direct email to a live webinar about joining “eBay US Customer Support Services.” One invited seller on the eBay community forums went through the onboarding questions and reported that eBay currently only wants sellers to help with getting started and creating listings questions.

Apparently, eBay will pay participating sellers “$1.20 for every answer that is either accepted by the ‘asker’ with a 4 or 5 star rating, or positively voted by other Experts” the seller reports.

The U.S. program is also being run by Limitless, the same outfit that operates eBay UK program. Reaction by sellers to the ‘expert seller’ program seems mixed, with many believing this is not worth their time.

On Limitless’ website, the company says this about the eBay UK program, “Now Sellers with questions on their website based on 100 subjects such as creating listings, fees, shipping, returns and payments will all be routed towards a more experienced Seller, who can offer first-hand advice and empathy that traditional support might struggle to match. This is also deflecting these queries from their traditional support, meaning they can contribute to other more value-adding activities.”

There is a case to be made this professional coaching and help from expert sellers has value. But at $1.20 per answer, how many busy top-rated sellers are going to participate and provide in-depth real knowledge? In addition, there are sellers that offer these services as a side-hustle for significantly more money and without constraints from eBay controlling the message.

This is a curious program and it seems to only re-emphasize something many sellers complain about, eBay customer service needs help! But is this the right approach?

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