eBay UK Cracks Down On Item Location Misrepresentation

eBay UK announced new enforcement measures against listings and sellers who do not comply with the company’s Item Location Misrepresentation policy.

The marketplace said it’s important for sellers to accurately state the location of their items so that buyers can use eBay’s search filters to correctly select listings based on location.

When this doesn’t happen, it creates an unfair marketplace for sellers and a disappointing experience for buyers.

eBay UK has been receiving feedback from their seller community about Item Location Misrepresentation and decided to review the policy to provide a more fair marketplace.

The company has made some changes which should help prevent sellers from providing inaccurate information about the location of their items.

New Policy Effective Immediately

Sellers are now required to select a postal option that matches the item’s location. Effective immediately, sellers won’t be able to create new listings or revise listings where the item location and postal service don’t match.

eBay UK is also reviewing any international sellers who state their item location is in the UK, but have excessively high dispatch times resulting in extended estimated delivery dates.

The company will continue to take further steps to enforce this policy, including removal of listings, restricting a seller’s trading activities and, in the case of repeated policy violations, account closure. eBay UK will keep this policy under review.

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