eBay UK Launches Carbon Academy

eBay UK Collaborates With ClimatePartner To Launch Carbon Academy

eBay UK has launched Carbon Academy, an interactive and self-paced learning experience developed in partnership with ClimatePartner.

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Small businesses have a significant responsibility in leading the way towards a more sustainable future, as climate change is the most critical challenge of our time, the company said.

Yet, it’s not always easy to embrace the necessary changes, and progress may not happen overnight. That is why eBay UK has launched a tool to help sellers embrace climate action while unlocking opportunities that come with being environmentally responsible.

Through the Carbon Academy, eBay UK sellers can learn to:

  • Understand the goal and design of a corporate climate strategy
  • Measure and manage their carbon footprint
  • Identify quick wins and key challenges in reducing carbon emissions
  • Implement the principles of the circular economy into their business
  • Communicate corporate climate action strategically

By completing the Carbon Academy modules, sellers will be well on their way to becoming a more sustainable business and supporting a greener future. Moreover, besides contributing to the planet and future generations, there are many ways in which these efforts may benefit their own business.

​​Cost savings: Through adopting sustainable practices, small businesses can make long-term savings by reducing their costs on energy, water, and waste. According to the UK Government’s Clean Growth Strategy (CGS), by increasing business energy efficiency by at least 20% by 2030, businesses could potentially find annual cost savings of up to £6 billion collectively.

Grow customer base: A 2022 survey conducted by Deloitte on more than 2,000 UK adults, it found that customers are becoming increasingly environmentally aware and prefer to support businesses that prioritize sustainability. The survey also revealed that 40% of respondents had purchased second-hand or refurbished products and preferred brands with environmentally sustainable practices and values.

Unlock new revenue streams: eBay’s marketplace is a good illustration of how sustainability can generate new revenue streams. Whether it’s refurbished technology, second-hand furniture, or pre-owned fashion, there are endless possibilities to benefit from a circular economy. According to eBay’s Recommerce Report, 90% of surveyed buyers stated they had purchased pre-loved products on eBay in the previous year.

Employee engagement: Incorporating sustainable practices can aid in the recruitment and retention of employees. A survey conducted by TheTalentPeople in 2021 discovered that 68% of its 1,000 respondents expressed a desire to work for an employer that is actively contributing towards the betterment of our planet’s future.

Future-proof business: By embracing sustainable practices, small businesses can lessen their impact on the environment and contribute towards a more sustainable future. This would guarantee the long-term sustainability of the business and its ability to cater to the needs of future generations.

How To Enroll in the eBay UK Carbon Academy

To enroll in the Carbon Academy, sellers simply need to visit this link and use their eBay UK credentials to get started. Interested sellers can also learn more at the Carbon Academy Launch Webinar (via Zoom), scheduled for Wednesday 24 May, 11 am-12 pm.

While the Carbon Academy programs are at no charge, carbon assessments from ClimatePartner do come with a price tag of £395 per assessment. The organization will analyze the seller’s carbon footprint data and provide recommendations on how to reduce it.

Sellers will be able to decide on the range of their business or products to be assessed. The eBay UK discounted rates for the assessment can only be accessed after successfully completing the Carbon Academy.

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