eBay UK Sneakers for Children

eBay UK Expands Authenticity Guarantee To Include Children’s Sneakers Over £100

eBay UK, the pioneering online marketplace for purchasing and selling sneakers, is broadening its ‘Authenticity Guarantee’ initiative to cater to children.

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This decision comes in response to the growing trend of parents purchasing branded footwear for their children, with 86% of parents seeking to secure stylish and high-quality sneakers for their kids.

The demand for trendy sneaker designs aimed at kids is on the rise, with searches for sought-after models like ‘Kids Nike Dunks’ surging by nearly 140% on eBay over the past year.

It is evident that kids’ sneakers are gaining prominence in the sneaker community, with the phrase ‘mini me’ aptly encapsulating the trend.

New Balance is also experiencing a resurgence in popularity within the sneaker industry, and this trend is mirrored among kids’ footwear, with searches for the brand increasing by 100% compared to the previous month on the platform.

eBay UK has assembled a team of sneaker authentication specialists who will scrutinize and validate the most in-demand brands of new and used kids’ sneakers worth over £100 on their platform.

This initiative aims to guarantee efficient and high-quality authentication procedures for infant/toddler shoes in UK size 1, as well as pre-school and grade school shoes up to UK size 6.

“As a sneakerhead, the guarantee of authentication is key, no matter what age or shoe size you are. On eBay we’re seeing more parents flock to kit their kids out with the latest drops and even purchase matching pairs for themselves,” said Wahaaj Shabbir, Head of Sneakers at eBay UK.

“Passion for sneakers is passed down through the generations of a family, and I’d like to think sneaker collections will be the next modern family heirloom. As these smaller sizes boom we want to make sure they receive the exact same trust and gold-plated service through our ‘Authenticity Guarantee’ program.”

This step was taken in response to a significant shift in the demographic and economic landscape of the designer sneaker and streetwear market. The global children’s footwear market is projected to increase by $5.3 billion by 2026.

As the worth of kids’ sneakers continues to soar, a whopping 68% of parents allocate a larger budget to their children’s fashion than their own.

Moreover, 85% of parents seek reassurance regarding the authenticity of their purchases when acquiring designer fashion for their kids, as it provides a sense of quality and assurance.

This launch marks the most recent addition to eBay’s ‘Authenticity Guarantee’ initiative, which presently includes adult sneakers, luxury handbags, and watches.

The platform plans to incorporate additional categories into the program, as it strives to bolster growth in premium segments and maintain its reputation as a reliable online marketplace for reselling luxury and top-notch products.

eBay UK – Authenticity Guarantee – How It Works

Once a sneaker transaction is completed, the seller sends the product directly to eBay UK’s authentication center, where it undergoes a meticulous, multipoint physical examination by independent inspectors.

After passing this rigorous evaluation, the shoes are expedited to the buyer through a prompt shipping process. Additional details include:

  • Proof of Authentication: Upon receipt of the sneakers, the independent authenticator verifies that they match the details stated in the listing title, description, and photos. Subsequently, a thorough multipoint physical authentication inspection is conducted. An eBay tag featuring NFC chip technology is affixed to the product to certify its authenticity and conclude the procedure, instilling trust in the item’s collectibility and resale worth.
  • Expert Authentication: eBay’s expert authenticators, a comprehensive checklist of product specifications, and top-notch processes ensure precision and efficiency. The authentication process involves a meticulous examination of the box, shoe, and accessories, exemplifying eBay’s dedication to providing customers with precisely what they ordered.
  • Verified Returns: In cases where sellers opt to allow returns, eBay’s sneaker authentication program guarantees that the same product sold initially is returned to the seller via a verified returns procedure. The returns are sent directly to the authentication center, where the specialists verify the item and its condition before returning it to the seller.

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