eBay UK announced they have made some changes to their Terms and Conditions for Click & Collect.

Click & Collect is a popular service in the UK that allows buyers to purchase items on eBay but instead of shipping to their home, they are shipped to a nearby location for convenient pick up by the buyer.

Sellers that wish to continue to offer Click & Collect will have to make some changes now to maintain eligibility of their items. These changes are effective immediately and include:

a) Weights and dimensions: The item sold must now weigh less than 15kg and no one side of the parcel can exceed 90cm with maximum dimensions of 0.324 cubic metres (including packaging);

b) Packaging requirements:

  • Seller shall ensure that the item is packaged adequately and dispatch the order as if it was a home delivery.
  • Seller shall ensure that the item and packaging does not exceed the requirements set out above.
  • Seller shall ensure that the second line of the address label includes the legible 8-digit unique identifier code provided (“UID”) so that the Click & Collect location can scan and identify the parcel on receipt and notify the buyer. If the UID is not included in the address and the Click & Collect location cannot identify the parcel, seller authorises eBay to dispose of the item and acknowledge that seller may not be reimbursed.
  • If a seller has an unreasonable amount of parcels arriving at Click & Collect locations without legible UIDs, eBay may choose to no longer display the Click & Collect delivery option on seller’s eligible listings, either temporarily or permanently.

In addition, eBay made other changes to keep the Terms and Conditions for Click & Collect up to date with the products and services they provide. These changes will be effective in 30 days.

Seller don’t need to take any further action to accept the Terms and Conditions. If seller chooses not to accept the new Terms and Conditions, seller may visit this page to opt out.

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