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eBay UK Reduced Fees on Low-Value Items in the Home, Furniture & DIY Category

eBay in the UK announced they are expanding the discounted order-fee pricing into the Home, Furniture & DIY Category effective immediately on new listings.

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Prior to introducing the discount, sellers paid 30p on items that sold at £10 or less but will now receive an additional discount that will reduce the fee to 10p.

For UK sellers to receive this discount they do not have to do anything. But the seller must be a business seller with a UK address and the discount will only be eligible on new listings or manually relisted or automatically relisted through the Automatic relist function from 19 April 2022.

Items that were listed using the Good ‘Till Cancelled function prior to 19 April 2022 are ineligible for the reduced-order fees.

In addition, the final sale price must not exceed £10.00 including postage, taxes, and any other fees.

There is no limit to how many listings or orders are eligible for the discount, which will be applied as part of a monthly credit. See this FAQ from eBay for Business for more information.

eBay UK Listening to Seller Feedback

eBay UK said its decision to expand the discounted order fee pricing to the Home, Furniture & DIY category was based on feedback from sellers

Just the other day announcing other changes on the marketplace, General Manager of eBay UK, Murray Lambell said: “We understand that your needs as a seller are constantly changing, so we’ve been listening hard, identifying issues that matter to you, and working to improve the seller experience on eBay. This is so you can continue to hit those targets, increase sales, and overcome barriers to thrive as a business.”

eBay in the UK seems to be actively listening to sellers about ways to make the platform better for them.

It appears they are trying to address some pain points for sellers with this change and other updates they announced previously.

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