eBay UK Certified Recycled Program

eBay UK Has Relaunched ‘Certified Recycled’ Car Parts

eBay UK has revived its ‘Certified Recycled’ program for secondhand parts by launching a dedicated website portal that features parts exclusively sold by accredited vehicle dismantlers.

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New research from eBay UK revealed that British motorists saved a whopping £99 million in 2022 by choosing used auto parts. Furthermore, by sourcing recycled parts through eBay instead of buying new, savvy car owners have been able to save up to 70% compared to OEM parts RRP since 2021.

The opportunity for used car parts is huge on the marketplace, as car parts and vehicle accessories are one of the top five focus categories the company has been expanding globally. eBay revealed that in 2022, sellers on the online platform sold more than one million exterior parts and accessories, 400,000 lighting and bulb parts, and over 130,000 engines and engine parts.

As the cost-of-living crisis continues in the UK, DIY buyers as well as professional repair and bodyshops are increasingly looking at recycled parts to help reduce costs or seek hard-to-find parts. eBay UK found that 38% of British bodyshops are suffering a shortage of parts for up to 20% of jobs, and more than 79% are now turning to recycled parts.

“We were all led to believe the supply issue would become a thing of the past but there seems no end in sight. As an alternative parts supplier, this phenomenon continues to drive the uptake of recycled parts,” said Marc Trent, chief executive at one of eBay’s largest Certified Recycled parts sellers.

“The UK has for many years lagged in the recycled parts market compared to the US, Australia, Canada, France and Sweden. The difference is the UK is still a very fragmented market, but I think that is changing. I predict within five years the UK will be on par with those nations.”

eBay UK Certified Recycled Parts

Consumers and professionals can be confident when buying certified recycled parts, as only sellers certified by the Vehicle Recyclers Association (VRA) can participate in this program. There are currently 81 recyclers who have passed their audit to remain certified for the program.

VRA-certified recyclers test all parts for correct operation before they are dismantled and graded. In addition, all engines, transmissions, and drivetrains are given a visual inspection to look out for any defects or external cracks.

Best of all, all certified parts come with a warranty. Vehicle body parts are covered by a 12-month warranty, while a 3-month warranty covers mechanical parts.

eBay UK released a new White Paper on the impact of car parts and accessories in the UK automotive industry. It highlights in more detail the value of certified recycled parts and how eBay is embracing this opportunity, which benefits sellers, professional technicians, and DIY consumers.

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