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eBay UK released the 2018 Summer Seller Update. For the most part, it’s just an update to the Spring seller update. So, let’s look at what was released:

Extending The Requirement to Categories

In the Spring 2018 business seller update, eBay announced the trial of a new Shop by Product experience. This includes sellers matching listings to the eBay catalogue, so the marketplace can display groups of similar listings together.

As a reminder, starting in June for a limited number of product lines, eBay will test making Shop by Product the default shopping experience.

Listings within these product lines that aren’t yet matched to the eBay catalogue may have minimal or no visibility to buyers.

The next phase of this test will expand the requirement to 12 categories. This will give the company a more comprehensive look at how the test is performing.

Additionally, from August, eBay is asking sellers in these categories and product lines to help them create a catalogue that best reflects the products they sell, by suggesting new product entries, and improvements to existing ones.

From September, eBay will require the following categories to match listings with the eBay catalogue on eBay.co.uk:

  • Cardio Equipment
  • Cell Phones & Smartphones
  • Computer/Tablets, Networking Tablets & eBook Readers
  • Humidifiers
  • Major Appliances
  • Portable Fans
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Small Kitchen Appliances
  • Space Heaters
  • TV, Video & Home Audio: Internet & Media Streamers
  • TVs
  • Voice-Enabled Smart Assistants

The same category expansion will happen on the U.S. and Australian eBay marketplaces.

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Starting in August 2018, sellers will need to match Good ‘Til Cancelled listings with the catalogue in the categories above.

eBay will provide sellers with the ability to suggest improvements to the catalogue for products that they feel aren’t accurately described, or are missing critical information.

Sellers will also be able to suggest new products to the catalogue if they feel their inventory isn’t represented.

From September, sellers won’t be able to successfully revise an existing listing or complete a new one if they don’t use the catalogue. eBay notes that buyers are significantly less likely to see listings that aren’t matched to the catalogue.

Sellers should start receiving email notifications about which of their listings need revising in order to display in the Shop by Product experience.

Seller Hub will show recommendations on product matches for seller’s listings to help sellers with revisions, and eBay will be updating tools to help suggest edits and new products in the catalogue.

Sellers using eBay’s APIs will find similar guidance using the Compliance API. The company said they will be working with service providers to make sure they enable these recommendations, along with the ability to make suggestions to the eBay catalogue.

Item Specifics

To help listings reach buyers, eBay recently carried out an analysis across Collectibles, Electronics and Home & Garden verticals to identify the item specifics buyers most value and establish the retail standard for specific categories.

The company detailed the changes in a PDF that can be downloaded here.

Category Structure

eBay also said it will be updating this page to inform sellers of changes to the category structure that will go into effect on August 1, 2018.

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Aligning Tyre Industry Standards

eBay is aligning with industry standards to help sellers in this category to reach more buyers, increase conversion and reduce returns.

Starting 31 July 2018, sellers will need to provide the following item specifics on new, revised and relisted tyre listings:

  • Unit Quantity
  • Tyre Width
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Rim Diameter
  • Speed Rating
  • Tyre fuel efficiency (A-G)
  • Wet grip performance (A-G)
  • External rolling noise (dB; class)

Good ‘Til Cancelled listings will continue to auto-renew. However, eBay strongly encourages sellers to update their listings now so buyers can find items quickly and easily. If sellers fail to update the information, listings will become invisible to buyers who filter for listings.

Manage eBay Shopfront from Seller Hub

eBay is also making changes to the Seller Hub. They are discontinuing and renaming some features.

FeatureUntil June 2018From June 2018
Shop SummaryManage my Shop in My eBaySeller Hub’s marketing tab
Sales reportsManage my Shop in My eBayManage my Shop in My eBay.

We also recommend using the equivalent data in Seller Hub’s performance tab

Promote similar itemsManage my Shop in My eBayDiscontinued as the majority of sellers no longer use this.

Please use Seller Hub Promotions to cross-sell your items.

Traffic reportsManage my Shop in My eBayEquivalent data accessible in Seller Hub’s performance tab.
Search engine keywordsManage my Shop in My eBayDiscontinued.

We’ve embedded the best practices of SEO directly in the new Shop experience. This means you no longer need to take separate actions to improve SEO.

Listing FrameManage my Shop in My eBay
NewsletterManage my Shop in My eBay
HTML builderManage my Shop in My eBayDiscontinued for non-custom Shops.

To ensure HTTPS security, we no longer support custom HTML for new Shops.

However, this will remain functional for Shops with custom content created before May 2018 until further notice.

Promotional flyerManage my Shop in My eBayDiscontinued.

Later in the year, we’ll enable you to create Seller Coupons that you can insert into packages and post to social media.

Favourite seller top picksManage my Shop in My eBayDiscontinued as the feature is outdated.

Sellers can make use of “featured items” to highlight top item picks in their Shops.

RSS FeedsManage my Shop in My eBayDiscontinued as the majority of sellers no longer use these.


Most important, eBay requires that all shops are HTTPS compliant.

Shops that have not made proper adjustments to custom content will be move to a new domain. In June 2018 eBay will move Shops with custom content to a new URL in the following.

To learn more about these changes, go to eBay’s page here.

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Seller Standards and After-Sales Improvements

From July 2018, eBay will add a new seller metrics and benchmarks tool in Seller Hub’s performance tab.

Sellers will be able to clearly see how often they receive “item not as described” and “item not received” after-sale requests.

They will also receive first assessment that shows how a seller compares against its peers.

Later this year, for sellers with a very high number of “item not as described” claims in a category when compared to their peers, or “item not received” claims for a particular postage destination when compared to their peers, eBay may add an additional 4 percentage points surcharge on final value fees in that category, or extend the estimated delivery time for that postage destination, respectively.

Improving returns on eBay

From May 2018, eBay will require sellers in affected categories to offer a minimum 30-day returns period. It won’t be possible to offer 14-day returns on new listings in those select categories, and sellers must offer a minimum 30-day returns period instead.

From August, seller that haven’t updated their returns period for existing listings in these categories, eBay will automatically update the returns period to 30-days on their listings.

From July 2018, sellers have 2 business days to issue a refund, once eBay sees a seller has received a returned item.

From August 2018, eBay will automatically issue refunds on behalf of the seller, if the company sees that a tracked item has been delivered, and 2 business days have elapsed.

The company is also updating the Partial Refunds Guidance so it’s more clear when sellers should be issuing a partial refund.

The following categories are affected by these changes:

  • Fashion
  • Health & Beauty
  • Home & Garden
  • Sports, Hobbies & Leisure
  • Media
  • Vehicle Parts & Accessories

That it for a rundown on the eBay UK Business Seller Update. There is also a short video from eBay.

What do you think about this ebay seller update? Head over to our Facebook Discussion Group or use the comments section below.

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