Just two short months ago local Wolverhampton businesses joined eBay for the first UK Retail Revival training event at the iconic Molineux Stadium in Wolverhampton.

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Today, the 64 businesses taking part in the program have reached £1M in sales on eBay, representing a 41% increase in sales for these businesses.

“As a business involved in the eBay Retail Revival program, the program has made a difference to our sales. Just goes to show that eCommerce and physical shops can run hand in hand and be a viable business model.”

Jamie Morgan, who works for Alliance Blinds

The increase in sales and overall success of the businesses have experienced counters the woes faced by many retailers across the UK in the face of reduced consumer confidence and increased economic uncertainty.

“I’m really proud to see the progress these businesses have made in reaching the £1 million milestone so quickly. Now is the time to empower them more – and over the course of 2019 we will work with Wolverhampton to do just that. I want the success of the West Midlands to act as a beacon to the retail sector up and down the country.”

Rob Hattrell, Vice President of eBay UK

First Year Success

The new figures cap off a huge year for eBay’s global Retail Revival scheme, which has seen eBay partnered with the cities of Akron, Ohio (US), Lansing, Michigan (US) and Wolverhampton, UK.

Overall, the program has seen 220 sellers take part globally, generating over 80,000 transactions to date – with roughly 10% involving cross-border sales.

eBay will continue providing support and training to Wolverhampton businesses through November 2019.

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