eBay UK partners with Pimp My Ride

eBay UK Revives Pimp My Ride Using Parts & Supplies From The Marketplace


eBay UK has today announced that they have partnered up with the classic MTV car show, Pimp My Ride. The new show will be exclusive to the MTV UK YouTube channel and will feature parts and supplies sourced from the eBay UK marketplace.

Following on from the success of eBay UK’s partnership with Love Island in the UK, where they supplied the show’s contestants with pre-loved items found on eBay. It looks like eBay is hoping to carry on that trend in another one of their key focus categories which is eBay Motors parts and accessories, and what better way to highlight what can be achieved than with the Pimp My Ride show?

Will Nostalgia Lead to Increased eBay UK Sales?

Among a certain generation, most likely Millenials, they grew up with the Pimp My Ride show, first made famous in the US, before being exported to the UK with its own version, sadly without the host Xzibit.

Whilst it appears that for now the Pimp My Ride format partnered by eBay will only be available on the MTV YouTube channel and therefore will not have the same reach as Love Island did on a prime time Tv channel, it would be foolish to discount the potential reach.

Pimp my ride became a cultural icon, with the term being coined for any time someone modified their vehicle. With such cultural importance, it will be interesting to see how much traction and attention this new series will get on the YouTube format and with a younger generation who perhaps missed the original.

If you are a car and parts seller on the eBay platform, then this should be exciting news for you. The result of this partnership can only lead to more traffic and sales as people become motivated to pimp their own rides. The only question is, how big will the surge be, and that will most likely determine whether eBay US will try to replicate this same format.

If you want to find out more about the show and the partnership you can check out eBay’s dedicated page here.

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