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eBay UK No Longer Register Royal Mail Transactions As Delivered On-Time

As we have a large and growing number of regular UK business readers we wanted to bring you this quick update regarding eBay and Royal Mail.

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eBay UK has announced that starting on July 31, eBay will no longer automatically register Royal Mail transactions as delivered on time.

This is due to an old issue now being resolved.

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In the past there had been issues with regard to up-to-date tracking information, so certain Royal Mail transactions were given a pass from late delivery misses on eBay seller metrics.

With the issue resolved, that has not become necessary anymore and this will stop being the case from July 31st onwards.

The Royal Mail transactions that are affected include Royal Mail signed for 1st Class, signed for 2nd Class and Special Delivery Guaranteed.

Our advice to you would be to start putting processes in place now to ensure eBay is getting updated with the correct tracking information throughout next week.

By missing out this information it can not only have a negative impact on buyers but also on your eBay seller metrics.

Whether you do it manually or utilise a software tool to assist with the automation of this it is better to get a solution ready before the deadline passes.

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