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eBay UK Issue – Sellers Not Received Their Payments From eBay After 2 Days!

eBay UK is coming under heavy criticism currently as a number of sellers have taken to the forums, community boards, and various social media channels complaining that the eCommerce giant has not been paying out sellers.

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The issue was first reported on the 14th of June with a few tweets and posts on the community boards expressing that the payout from eBay UK had not been received. By the end of the day, there had been an official post from an eBay UK community team member called Kat who tried to reassure sellers that everything was ok and not to panic.

eBay community boards screenshot with an update from eBay on June 2022 payouts delay

Day 2 and Still No Payments for eBay UK Sellers

Working online in the tech / eCommerce industry we are all very aware that things can go wrong, systems can break, and unfortunately to a degree, it comes with the territory.

However, after 2 days and still no official announcement from eBay and an untold number of sellers still not receiving their payout, it is clearly a cause for concern. Nothing can kill a business quicker than slow / no cash flow and this is the reality for hundreds if not thousands of businesses that are selling on eBay right now.

At the time of publishing the community board thread has reached 14 pages and over 270 replies to the original post, mainly full of disgruntled sellers all with the same issue of not receiving their payout.

The official Twitter account @AskeBay has acknowledged the problem as you can see below but is continuing to be very noncommittal to an estimated fix for the problem which is obviously affecting people’s livelihoods.

eBay tweet thread acknowledging the payout problem from June 2022

Even more frustrating than that is the fact that eBay seems to feel like Twitter is an official communications channel for their company as even their own system status page at the time of writing, is showing that there is no issue at all with their payouts.

eBay's own system status page not acknowledging the current payout system problem.

Perhaps our favorite thread we have seen on this issue is from eCommerce expert, and one of the eBay UK founding team members back in 1999 Dan Wilson who has done a fantastic job of asking eBay the pertinent questions regarding this current outage, sadly, albeit with limited success in securing a detailed answer from the marketplace.

eBay thread featuring Dan Wilson seeking clarity about the June 2022 payment outage on eBay UK

As Dan has stated in the thread above, eBay has numerous ways in which it can contact or even update its sellers on the current situation, and sadly a notice under the payments tab for sellers on a PC doesn’t quite cut it. So far there has been no email, no notice on the community boards, no follow-up from ‘Kat’ who appears to have gone AWOL after her first update that sometimes payments can be delayed and not acknowledging there was even a technical issue at all.

There hasn’t even been a tweet on their main eBay UK account letting sellers know that they acknowledge a problem and are working on a fix. They are instead continuing to post about Love Island and ignoring there is any problem at all.

All in all, this has proven to be a huge fail for eBay. At a time when cash flow perhaps matters more than ever due to the increased cost of living, they are showing a complete disregard for their sellers who are eagerly awaiting their deserved payouts for items they have sold on the marketplace.

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