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eBay UK Shop Subscription Fee Increases From 1 April 2023

As had been previously announced by eBay UK during the February seller update, UK Shop owners are facing a fee increase from 1 April 2023.

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“These changes were introduced as we’ve continued to invest in making eBay a vibrant and trusted marketplace,” the company said in its reminder to sellers today.

Beginning on Saturday 1 April 2023, eBay UK Shop owners will see the following changes:

Shop subscription price increases

  • Basic Shops will increase from £25 to £27
  • Featured Shops will increase from £69 to £77
  • Anchor Shops will increase from £399 to £437

Increases to Monthly allowance of 7-day auction-style listings

  • Basic Shops will now receive 100 free 7-day auction-style listings (up from 50)
  • Featured Shops will now receive 600 free 7-day auction-style listings (up from 300)
  • Anchor Shops will now receive 1000 free 7-day auction-style listings (up from 500)

Removal of listing upgrade credits for Featured and Anchor Shop subscribers

Previously, Featured and Anchor Shops received £10 and £20 respectively on a monthly basis to upgrade their listings. This credit is now being discontinued.

Basic Shop owners did not have this benefit, so there is no change for them.

What Is Not Changing With eBay UK Shops

All other Shop allowances and benefits will remain the same. For example, eBay UK Shop owners will continue to receive an eBay packaging voucher worth £10 (if subscribed to a Featured Shop) or £20 (if subscribed to an Anchor Shop) each month to spend on eBay-branded packaging supplies.

And the number of free fixed-price listings also remains the same, with Basic Shops receiving 250 listings, Featured Shops receiving 1,500 listings, and Anchor shops having no limit on fixed-price listings.

Here is a list of current eBay UK Shop features for all subscription levels. These will be updated on 1 April to reflect the upcoming changes.

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