eBay UK announced that from 13 February 2019, sellers will be required to fill in 3 additional item specifics on new and revised listings in our Women’s Dresses category: Colour, Dress Length & Style.

Existing Good ‘Til Cancelled listings without these item specifics will be blocked when sellers revise these listings. However, existing listings with no changes will continue to renew.

The reason for the change is that eBay research found that buyers in these categories are 65% more likely to use filters to narrow down their search results so they can more easily find what they’re looking for.

Further in recent research the marketplace found that dress listings with the item specifics “style” and “dress length” completed, sell 81% more than those without.

Failure to Change May Drop Items From Filters

Whilst the company is not forcing the change on sellers yet, eBay also stated that items will only appear in those filtered search results if they have the added information.

Also, completing item specifics increases the listing’s visibility in their Best Match search results.

As a courtesy to sellers to help with finding listings that have missing item specifics, eBay is making available the Optiseller tool at no charge until 31 March.

The tool is available by following this link.

Other eBay third party listing tools should receive updates in time to manage running and new listings.

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