Customer service is very important in any business.

Great Service that is given well can have great impact on those using it.

This is understood very much by eBay’s UK Vice-President, who responds to concerns by sellers on email.

Rob Hattrell is the Vice-President for eBay UK. He personally replies to emails sent by sellers regarding their concerns.

He has been doing this since he took over the job for eBay UK. As such, he is more than likely aware of the issues sellers face when doing business on eBay UK.

eBay UK Taking sellers seriously

Knowing their concerns is good, as it gives eBay a chance to address them. It is also comforting to know that one of its top execs is personally answering emails.

This shows that eBay UK takes issues very seriously and it spreadking the culture from the top down at eBay that they are trying to put sellers first.

It is also good public relations, which gives it a positive outlook from other sellers on the platform.

eBay logo

People often wonder if their concerns are known by higher management. Often, the ones who answer concerns first of all are the frontline employees.

This is most true especially for common concerns. However, eBay UK shows that its management takes these issues seriously, or at least Hattrell does.

The idea is to listen to those issues and then address them. It isn’t just anyone who is addressing them though, but it is a member of top management who does so.

Clearly a culture that Devin Wenig is keen to pass down through top management and ultimately filter throughout the whole of the business.

Hattrell does this not only through email, but he makes it a point to even visit sellers in their communities and offices. This is a good move since then it brings eBay closer to the ones that really matter—to its sellers there and possibly even to those who are buying through eBay.

This gives a good impression on sellers, who see Hattrell to be friendly and approachable. Often in many businesses, management can be detached and seen as indifferent to the concerns by their clients.

By being the one to approach them, Hattrell shows that eBay UK cares for those doing business with it. It builds trust and confidence among sellers that there is someone in eBay, top management even, who is out there listening to them.

What do you think? Is this something other top management execs could learn through eBay globally or have you had a personal interaction with Rob? Let us know down below.

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  1. After escalating my call from an advisor to a manager and them still not listening to me I escalated my call again and guess what… NO call received. eBay customer service is shocking and their staff just done listen. 3 of my purchased came up as (removed item) I order white a lot and wasn’t able to view what these items were. All there was was a price and no descriptive wording. If I clicked on the item there was no information. To make things worse you can only view purchases for so long before they are removed. During my frustration to try and speak to someone about it one item had been removed. I discussedthe other two and managed to resolve it but they were unable to tell me what the other item was. 1) why remove the item completely so I couldn’t view what it was 2) being my account holder why do they not store my customer information for more than a month 3) Don’t return calls 4) when I advise the information is no longer available on my app continue to ask me to get the details and call back. That is why I am calling because I can no longer view the as you have removed them from my account. Seriously I was banging my head off a brick wall. 5) my request to speak to an English advisor was ignored as well as my request for a call back from an operations manager. I will never use this site ever again and I have advised friends of the utter shambles of a company you are.

  2. He sent me an unsolicited email and didn’t bother replying to mine where I explained I had an ongoing problem with refunds that his team had been unable to resolve for over a year and a half.

    Eventually I took to Twitter and asking Devin Wenig why it couldn’t be fixed. Once the ebay social media team got involved it was fixed within a couple of weeks.

    Not impressed by @bobbyhattrell so far

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