eBay UK Trying To Lure Displaced Poshmark Sellers

In a surprising turn of events, Poshmark announced last week that it will be ceasing operations in the UK, Australia, and India.

The shutdown leaves numerous sellers in these regions searching for a new platform to continue their online businesses.

As these sellers face the task of migrating their listings, eBay UK has stepped in with guidance aimed at facilitating a smooth transition for former Poshmark sellers looking to establish or expand their presence on the eBay platform.

Navigating the Transition: Key Points for Sellers

For Poshmark sellers in the affected countries, transferring potentially hundreds of listings is no small feat.

Recognizing the challenges, eBay UK is providing assistance and highlighting several crucial aspects that sellers should consider to ensure an efficient move.

Exporting Listing Data

With third-party service providers (see list from eBay UK), sellers can export their listing data from Poshmark and import it into eBay, potentially saving valuable time and effort.

These tools are designed to streamline the transition process, particularly for sellers with extensive inventories on Poshmark.

Avoiding Duplicate Listings

eBay urges sellers to be vigilant about not creating duplicate listings during the transfer.

Many sellers operate on multiple platforms and may already have certain products listed on eBay.

Inadvertently creating new listings for these items could violate eBay’s duplicate listings policy.

Sellers are encouraged to review their current eBay listings to avoid potential policy breaches and ensure a seamless transition.

More information is also available at the eBay UK Seller Centre.

Account Security and Verification

Amidst the transition, account security remains paramount to eBay. Sellers new to the eBay platform or those who haven’t been active recently may undergo a verification process.

This standard procedure helps safeguard the community and individual seller accounts.

Quick responses to information requests will expedite the process. However, eBay cautions that there may be temporary holds on payouts or restrictions on the number of listable items during this period.

Affected sellers can still prepare draft listings in the interim.

eBay UK: Personalized Support for a Smooth Shift

Understanding the enormity of the move for many sellers, eBay UK has provided a dedicated contact point for sellers undertaking this transition: sellergrowthUK@ebay.com.

By reaching out through this channel, sellers can receive personalized assistance, further easing the migration from Poshmark to eBay’s expansive marketplace.

eBay has not published similar notices on its Australian and Indian marketplaces. However, sellers in those markets should check out selling opportunities on ebay.com.au (Australia) and eBay.in (India – Export Only).

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