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eBay Updates Mobile App To Improve Shipping Feature

eBay has been improving the eBay app to offer more of the features on mobile that sellers are used to using on the desktop.

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The company announced that in this latest update sellers can now purchase UPS and eBay standard envelope labels in the app (in addition to USPS and FedEx).

Users can also choose to print the label or print the label and receive a QR code. However, this last option seems a bit puzzling as to why a seller would want to print a label and a QR code.

Usually, QR codes are a great choice for sellers that do not have a printer and need to print labels at a shipping location. Doing both seems redundant. But, if there is a use case for this feature, it is now available on the eBay app.

Another feature eBay added to the app is the ability for sellers to edit the buyer address for shipping and returns in the label order details. Warning here! Doing so may make the shipment ineligible for seller protection if the address is materially different from the address provided by the buyer in the order details.

For example, adding an apartment number or other clarifying information to an address should be okay. But making a wholesale change to a shipping address because the buyer “forgot” to change it on eBay could be a sign of a scam.

And the final improvement eBay added to the app is that it expanded payment options for labels. Now sellers can pay for shipping labels using their payment method on file, available funds from sales proceeds, or PayPal.

eBay Plans More Updates

In the coming weeks, eBay said it plans to add more features to the app as it continues to work to improve the mobile experience to match its desktop features.

The eBay app is available here.

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