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eBay Updates Promoted Listings Advertising Products With New Features

eBay announced two updates to its Promoted Listings Standard and Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA advertising products.

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If you are unfamiliar with these two on-platform advertising products, the simple difference is how you pay for the advertising. Let’s take a brief look.

With Promoted Listings Standard, you only pay for the advertising when someone clicks and buys from the ad you place. In essence, eBay is running the ad for “free” until someone clicks on it and makes a purchase. But this way of advertising can be pricier on a per-click basis.

The Promoted Listing AdvancedBETA is a cost-per-click (CPC) product enabling sellers to direct traffic to their eBay listings by utilizing preferred access to prime placements thanks to keyword and budget controls.

With Promoted Listing AdvancedBETA campaigns, sellers customize their ads and pay per click, based on a CPC model. However, this usually also means sellers must have a more in-depth understanding of how to budget and place advertisements to avoid overpaying for advertising.

Note: The “BETA” moniker is still being used by eBay, even though the advertising product has been around since 2021.

Promoted Listings Standard Update

eBay has updated its Promoted Listings Standard to now provide a hassle-free solution to help sellers stay ahead of the competition by automatically adapting ad rates to match eBay’s daily recommendations. Sellers will be able to save time and energy as there is no longer a need to manage ad rates manually.

In today’s fast-paced market, keeping ad campaigns competitive can be a daunting task. With the dynamic ad rate strategy, sellers can effortlessly secure high-visibility placements by allowing the system to adjust their ad rates according to eBay’s daily suggestions.

This eliminates the need to choose an ad rate strategy and streamlines the process of manual campaign management. Learn more here about the update and here about Promoted Listings Standard.

Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA Update

For its Promoted Listings AdvancedBeta advertising product, the company has increased the possibilities for sellers to promote their ads in more slots.

Apart from appearing in the top slots of search, Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA ads can now feature in three more prime locations on the search results page.

With seven placements in total, Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA ads now have almost twice the chance of being displayed for each relevant search query. Learn more here about the update and here about Promoted Listings AdvancedBETA.

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