eBay Updates User Agreement for Canadian Sellers


eBay announced a new user agreement which will govern sellers on ebay.ca starting Thursday, October 25, 2018.

The company spelled out key points to sellers that will be changing:

  • About eBay: The company added language that if a user access eBay through a partner service instead of directly through eBay, certain Services may not be suitable for use by Quebec residents.
  • Using eBay: The marketplace clarified that eBay may cancel unconfirmed or inactive accounts that have been inactive for a period of three (3) years or longer and if a seller account is inactive for a period of three (3) years or longer or cancelled for any reason, then any credit balance in the account following such period of inactivity, or at the time of cancellation, will be non-refundable without notice to the seller. Any such amount will be considered forfeited by the seller. eBay also added language that eBay reserves the right to modify or discontinue all or part of their Services to anyone for any reason at our discretion.
  • Fees: eBay may change seller fees. If sellers reside outside of Ontario or Quebec, these fee changes will be posted and sellers will receive a thirty (30) day notice of such changes. For Ontario and Quebec residents, please refer to the updated General section of the User Agreement for the notice of change process. Additionally, if a sellers payment method fails or the account is past due, eBay may collect amounts owed for accounts over 60 days past due (not 180 days). The company also added language in this section to indicate that payment by a seller of seller fees does not mean that the seller is purchasing exclusive rights to item exposure on eBay and eBay may display third-party advertisements or other content on eBay without consent, payment, fee reduction or credit to sellers.
  • International Buying and Selling; Translation: eBay made it clearer that sellers can adjust their “My eBay” settings to indicate their preferences on international shipping by excluding international shipping and applying an exclusion list to the applicable countries.
  • Authorization to Contact You; Recording Calls; Analyzing Message Content: The company clarified the collection, use, disclosure, retention and protection of their personal information is governed by the User Privacy Notice.
  • Disclaimer of Warranties; Limitation of Liability: eBay updated this section by stating it is not applicable for residents of Quebec.
  • Indemnity: eBay clarified that this section is subject to applicable laws.
  • Legal Disputes: eBay updated this section to clarify the law and forum for any disputes depending on where sellers reside and added language to clarify the arbitration procedure.
  • General: The company added language to this section relating to the process and notice requirements for User Agreement changes for Ontario and Quebec residents.

The complete changes to the user agreement are available here, including a side-by-side comparison of the changes.

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