eBay 'Never get faked over again' video ad aimed at Gen Z and Millennial shoppers

eBay Debuts Edgy ‘Never Get F*ked Over Again’ Ad Campaign To Lure Gen Z Shoppers

eBay has launched a new edgy ad campaign to attract Gen Z and Millennial shoppers to its online marketplace.

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What you need to know: ‘Everyone Deserves Real’ is the marketplace’s first brand campaign in three years, debuting this week on streaming platforms.

Spotlighting its Authentication Guarantee program, the video voice-over starts, “In a world full of fake items, how do you avoid buying fake items that look just like the real thing?”

Now, the message gets a bit edgy with the video switching to a young shopper looking at a mobile device, and in big white letters, the text Never get f*ked over again. However, the voice-over actually says, “Never get faked over again,” making a clever play on a censored version of the F-word!

The video continues with authenticators looking at products that are now part of the eBay Authentication Guarantee program such as handbags, sneakers, jewelry, and watches.

eBay’s ad is a fast-paced 30-second spot, produced by Joan Creative, the same ad agency that created the eBay Motors commercial that ran during NASCAR races on TV, as well as other car-related shows and streaming platforms.

What is interesting: It’s somewhat intriguing that eBay chose to launch its Gen Z outreach with an ad about its Authenticity Guarantee.

Certainly, the sneakers category and some of the handbags may fit well, but it seems most of its marketing toward Gen Z and younger Millennials has been about recommerce, a demographic the company identified in its Recommerce Report as the driving behind that movement.

Maybe this is the first of Gen Z / Millennials focused ads to come, similar to how Joan Creative produced multiple video ads for its Parts & Accessories business.

eBay ‘Everyone Deserves Real’ Ad

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