eBay Webinar for Sellers on Managing Returns on November 15


eBay rolled automatic and advanced returns this week after it had mentioned these changes at eBay Open 2017 and during the eBay Fall Seller Update.

The new options eBay is offering enable sellers to compete with other eCommerce websites. While Amazon often gets the “credit” for pushing customer service levels to the next edge, the fact is that many other eCommerce sites are matching Amazon.

This customer service push puts third-party marketplaces sellers, such as eBay sellers, in a position to adapt and follow similar return guidelines.

But not all eBay sellers in all categories are in the same competitive boat. So, eBay has to provide a wide range of options to give each seller the opportunity to select the return process they feel comfortable is right for their customers.

The return management console on eBay enables sellers to pick the returns process they wish to use. While the options seem pretty straightforward, there can still be questions about the features or when eBay may automatically step in.

To answer seller questions, eBay has scheduled a free webinar on Wednesday, November 15 at 10am EST (7am PST) time.

eBay’s Seller Health Specialist, Jason Roberts will walk attendees through the backend process to setup the returns exactly the way you want them. At the end of the presentation, there will also be a Q&A with attendees.

This webinar is hosted by Gotowebinar, a popular business webinar service and it may require downloading a small program on your computer.

To sign up for the free webinar, follow this link. You must have an eBay account to participate in the webinar.

Live eBay webinars have become a significant outreach program on eBay.

They cover a variety of topics, and we don’t often mention them here. But this one we believe is essential to many sellers due to the time of year and the rollout of automated returns.

Therefore, anyone that has any questions about this new returns program by eBay or how to use the returns manager should join the webinar.

Drop us a line about your experience with the new returns console and program. Also let us know if you plan to attend the webinar.

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