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eBay’s New Aggressive Marketing Strategy Revealed

Hal Lawton, Sr. VP North America for eBay, tweeted this picture on Sunday.

This is sample pictures depicting a new strategy for eBay to go after urban (city) dwellers and follows similar strategies by other tech companies such as Apple and Facebook.

The campaign, which is slated to start soon, apparently features the slogan “For the love of” with highlighting common eCommerce sales pitches like “fast shipping”, “getting it quick”, “on-time delivery” and product qualifiers such as “denim” and “high-rise”.

This billboard design, and there was also a bus sign design tweeted by Hal Lawton, appear to be his own mock-ups of the ad strategy. It will be interesting to see what their ad agency will eventually produce, so do not take too much stock into the design shown here.

eBay Motors also made a splash on Sunday during the FOX broadcast of NASCAR’s Daytona 500 race with special segments featuring a Pit Box with “eBay Motors” logo and live voice over for promoting parts and cars on eBay.

A Live TV segment with sponsorship integration is a highly effective marketing tool as it appear to viewers as an informational segment instead of a commercial in an advertising block.

eBay seems to be on an early 2017 aggressive new targeted marketing strategy to reach specific consumer segments.

Do you think this new strategy will help eBay gain more buyers which should expand your audience as an eBay seller?

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