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As part of eBay’s Spring Seller Update 2021 they announced the introduction of coded coupons would be coming this year.

The good news is they are now live following announcements on both the US and UK eBay community pages.

The announcement reads as follows:

“The new coded coupons tool is now available for eBay Store subscribers. 

As announced in the 2021 Spring Seller Update, coded coupons let you create and share custom discount codes that your buyers can apply at checkout. Available in the Seller Hub Marketing tab, this new tool replaces the previous codeless coupons tool. 

Coded coupons are part of our suite of promotional tools, and give you more flexibility and control over your marketing budget. With coded coupons you can: 

  • Show codes publicly on eBay.com or share them privately through your own marketing channels
  • Send a printed coupon code in your orders to encourage repeat purchases
  • Control your marketing spend by setting a maximum budget, specific start and end dates, and expiration dates
  • Set conditions such as a per-customer usage limit or minimum spend

To create a coupon code, go to “Promotions” in your Seller Hub Marketing tab, and select “Coupon” in the “Create a promotion” menu. Create your coupons now.

As always, thank you for selling on eBay, 

Your eBay Team”

eBay Coded Coupons Joins Seller Tools Suite

Over the last few weeks and months a lot of positive attention has been brought to eBay around their seller tools.

This latest announcement follows on from last week where eBay announced that Terapeak Product Research was now free for all eBay sellers too.

Time will tell whether coded coupons will be a big hit with sellers. We do know however that a similar functionality has existed on eBay Australia for a while which as a marketplace has always acted as an outlier compared to their UK, US and German counter parts. With many sellers in Australia making good use of personalised coupons, it seems this update could prove to be another successful feature for eBay.

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