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eBay’s New Display Advertising Program, Wait… We’ve Seen This Before!

Those of you that have been around for many years on eBay may remember the old eBay Keywords program. Well it is coming back… on steroids.

eBay discontinued the Keywords program over 10 years ago, which was a PPC program to allow Powersellers to bid on keywords to try to boost traffic to their listings, it was replaced with common banner ads program to the chagrin of many sellers.

These banner ads were a bit of a frustration for sellers as eBay appeared to not care they were generating ad revenue even if it drove traffic off eBay. Once the traffic left, many sellers believed their opportunity for a sale was lost.

eBay claims to have generated around $313 million in advertising revenue from this program in Q4 of 2016, and finally may have realized the revenue generated was really counter productive to their core business.

We say it’s about time!

Like the Keywords program, the current ads program was managed by an outside company, but that is now changing as eBay sees the opportunity to allow sellers and major brands to drive traffic to eBay listings.

There is a great believe within eBay that the platform has evolved to a scale where they can generate the same revenue from display advertising specifically focused on promoting eBay listings.

This move should also boost revenue generated from the Final Value Fees charged to sellers, so in essence, eBay is double dipping on the same sale.

Much of this enthusiasm probably has to do with the quality of the listings on eBay today and the continuing embrace by major brands and retailers to sell or allow sales of their products on eBay.

eBay has admitted it will still have some advertising that may drive business off the site, but fundamentally they are going to change the program similar to Amazon’s ad program that maintains the traffic and revenue on-site.

Right now eBay is in the process of building up the sales team required to support this program and with an expected launch around Q2 of 2017.

Will you take a look at this program once it rolls out and how do you think it could benefit your business?

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