OnBuy eCommeleon Integration

eCommeleon Now Supports Fast-Growing OnBuy Marketplace

OnBuy welcomes multichannel solutions provider eCommeleon to its list of ever-growing partners that enable sellers to thrive and grow on its marketplace.

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eCommeleon provides marketplace technology that helps sellers create, optimize, map, and validate product data so their listings stand out and are found by shoppers on the marketplaces they support.

Small sellers often begin their business on one marketplace, but struggle to diversify successfully to other marketplaces which would expose their products to more customers, leading to higher sales.

Today, diversification to more marketplace is difficult as each marketplace or sales channel has different data structures and requirements. Therefore, keeping product data synchronized as well as optimized between each platform manually is almost impossible.

This complexity often discourages sellers from exploring new opportunities or fully expanding their entire product range to a new sales channel. eCommeleon solves this pain point for eCommerce businesses as it acts as a data hub for sellers to optimize their product information specific to each marketplace’s data requirements.

With the new integration eCommeleon launched to support the OnBuy marketplace, it opens another door for more online sellers to join the fast-growing marketplace easily.

“OnBuy has grown so much in such a short amount of time with the help of active partners, like eCommeleon, who offer retailers the tools to add OnBuy seamlessly into their eCommerce set up, helping to diversify their online channels and grow their online sales”

“We’re really excited working with partners like eCommeleon as we continue to grow and welcoming all those new retailers joining us on the journey.”

Pete du Pon, Head of Partnerships

eCommeleon is Not Just a Cross-Channel Listing Tool

eCommeleon doesn’t just make listing easier, it also offers solutions to help sellers expand their business internationally, including fulfillment in the EU and translation of product information.

As much as Brexit has created challenges for UK sellers to sell into the EU, eCommeleon’s tools and services can help bridge that new divide. This will be extremely beneficial as OnBuy rolls out its expected expansion to international markets next year with EU countries anticipated to be an early focus.

In addition, the company also developed tools to help sellers use existing product data from spreadsheets or CSV files and create new product data from scratch optimized for each marketplace. Another big time saver for sellers which enables them to launch on marketplaces faster.

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