eCommerce Meet Local Courier, How ParcelPal is Disrupting Local Delivery

If you are like us, most people probably never heard of ParcelPal.

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ParcelPal is a Vancouver, BC, Canada based small company that is taking a new approach at local courier delivery by integrating major eCommerce platforms into their crowd sourced delivery system.

Most of us are familiar with crowd sourced delivery, we just use the “verb” Uber now for it. Uber and Lyft are the heavy weights in that business and are working to rapidly expand their “taxi” style service to delivering food and packages.

But this is where ParcelPal takes a unique approach. It has created extensions for Shopify and WooCommerce, Magento is coming soon, to directly integrate into popular eCommerce platforms.

Your customers will be able to order products from your site and use ParcelPal’s extension to check out which then integrates all the information along with your fulfillment operation to schedule the delivery.

The company takes extreme care into hiring only screened couriers who like Uber wait in designated areas for deliveries. Options includes 1 hour delivery and same day delivery.

ParcelPal is currently testing their service in their local Vancouver market, but have plans to roll out the service across North America.

With local same day delivery becoming the next big push by Amazon and other bigger players, this type of service and integration with major eCommerce platforms can allow entrepreneurs to compete at that level.

We are excited to see where this will go. Maybe the future of ParcelPay will be technology integration into another larger service via buy-out or they will gain significant funding from the local Vancouver tech sector for their desired expansion.

Either way, this is an interesting service to follow and we will keep an eye on this and others that may enter this on demand small business local delivery space.

Do you think your business could benefit from local same day delivery? We love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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