West Carrollton police department eCommerce Exchange Zone

Most online retailers use the post office or a courier company to deliver their products. Some smaller businesses or individuals selling unique goods may offer to meet customers.

This is especially true if you are selling in your local area and you operate from your house.

You may not want your customer to know you are a home-based business or where you live.

Because the customer may have similar reasons not to meet at their house, a public place like a gas station or parking lot becomes the meeting point.

These one on one transactions often include a higher value or large bulky item. They may also involve a cash payment.

The news is full of stories about people that became a victim of a fraud or a robbery. The buyer thought they are purchasing a product, but instead, a criminal took all their money.

Worse yet, in some incidents, violent crimes occurred that had nothing to do with a transaction. What to do?


As a result, many local police departments in the U.S. offer their premises for eCommerce transactions.

They created local community eCommerce Safe Zones at their police stations. Most safe zones are available 24/7, well-marked and lit, and include full video surveillance.

“I think the criminal is going to think twice about coming up here and trying to do a transaction, especially if they’re here for no good,” said Mark Samson, a spokesman for the St. Augustine, Fla., Police Department.

The police do not get involved in the transaction unless there is a crime. Best of all, the service does not require pre-authorization from the police and there is no fee.

When you go to the eCommerce safe zone, the transaction will take place as normal, except in a safer environment. Some Police departments allow you to complete the transaction inside their lobby.

There is a website dedicated to finding an eCommerce Safe Zone. Check out the database of over 300 locations in the U.S. on safedeal.zone.

If you are selling goods on Craigslist or eBay with local pick-up or delivery, this is a great alternative for those occasional bulky items or cash transactions.

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