Etsy Partners with EcoEnclose Offering Eco-Friendly Packaging to Sellers at Competitive Prices

Earlier this year, Etsy pledged to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions by 2030, building on its achievement in becoming the first eCommerce company to offset carbon emissions from shipping and packaging in 2019.

When the company announced its Net Zero pledge, it said it would require an all-hands-on-deck effort involving every part of its business, including help from the Etsy community.

To reach its goal, Etsy aims to reduce scope 3 gas greenhouse emissions by 13.5 percent, which are emissions beyond the company’s control. This includes seller activities such as shipping and packaging.

Etsy Invites Sellers to Join Effort Reducing Carbon Emissions

In January, Etsy conducted a survey (Global Etsy Seller Census) and found that 6 in 10 sellers said it is extremely or very important to run a socially responsible (66%) and environmentally friendly (57%) business.

Now, through a new partnership with EcoEnclose, Etsy is launching Planet-Friendly packaging for sellers who are striving to make more environmentally friendly choices for their businesses and want to help make Etsy become a more sustainable marketplace.

Etsy sellers in the United States can now buy packaging made from sustainable and 100% recycled materials, which buyers can easily recycle at home.

Packing options include boxes, padded paper mailers, and rigid paper envelopes, all in multiple sizes based on those most commonly used by Etsy sellers.

Since cost can be a barrier to green practices, Etsy ensured Planet-Friendly Packaging from EcoEnclose is available to its sellers at competitive prices, comparable to existing options in the marketplace.

But it’s not just sellers who care about the environment as the company stated in its announcement for the new Planet-Friendly Packaging:

“We also know our buyers care about sustainability, so we hope that Planet-Friendly Packaging, which includes an Etsy-branded option with a recycling prompt, will remind buyers that Etsy is pushing for positive change for people and the planet.”

Last year, a study by IBM and the National Retail Foundation found a vast majority of consumers are prioritizing purchases from brands that are “are sustainable, transparent and aligned with their core values.”

Given this preference by consumers, the combination of Etsy promoting its green initiatives and sellers embracing sustainable business practices could be a profitable strategy for Etsy sellers.

Currently, Etsy’s Planet-Friendly Packaging in partnership with EcoEnclose is only available to US sellers. The company is working to find sustainable packaging solutions for sellers in more countries to help it achieve its Net Zero pledge.

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