Etsy Unveils Initiatives To Help Sellers Succeed This Holiday Season

To empower its community of creative entrepreneurs and artisans, online marketplace Etsy has unveiled a series of updates and enhancements aimed at helping its sellers navigate the upcoming holiday season successfully.

With the holiday season fast approaching, Etsy is making significant strides to provide sellers with additional support and security to ensure a smooth and prosperous selling season.

Here are some of the key initiatives Etsy is implementing:

Increased Purchase Protection for Sellers: One of the standout features of Etsy’s holiday support package is the extension of Etsy Purchase Protection for sellers. During the holiday season, Etsy will double its coverage from $250 to $500* for refunds on qualifying orders. This will provide greater peace of mind to sellers, as over 99% of orders will be covered if they meet the eligibility criteria. The increased protection aims to help sellers retain their earnings, even if Etsy issues a refund to a shopper due to an unexpected issue with their order.

24/7 Seller Support: Recognizing the need for timely assistance, Etsy is introducing round-the-clock seller support through its Help Center. With over 80% of all chats being answered within one minute and almost 90% of requests resolved within 24 hours, Etsy is dedicated to improving response times further. Additionally, Etsy has created a streamlined process for sellers encountering account suspensions, enabling them to file appeals swiftly and have their cases reviewed by specialized agents.

Preserving Etsy’s Unique Marketplace: Etsy’s ongoing mission to remain a destination for unique, handmade, and creative items remains a top priority. In line with its Trust & Safety Update, Etsy is diligently working to elevate the quality of products while also intensifying efforts to remove and prevent listing items that don’t align with its handmade policy. This year has seen a 112% increase in the number of listings removed for violating this policy.

These proactive measures are just a few of Etsy’s strategies to bolster its sellers’ prospects this holiday season.

Etsy Holiday Season Workshop

In addition to these initiatives, Etsy is providing sellers with valuable tools and resources to expand their reach and grow their businesses. Sellers can access a holiday checklist and participate in a holiday workshop on October 4, where they’ll gain expert insights on optimizing their shops for success.

Etsy’s commitment to its sellers reflects its dedication to fostering a thriving and supportive marketplace for artisans and creative entrepreneurs, ultimately ensuring that shoppers continue to find unique, handcrafted treasures throughout the holiday season and beyond.

With these new updates, Etsy sellers can confidently look forward to a successful and secure holiday season on the platform.

*Orders that meet the specified criteria under Etsy’s Purchase Protection program will be considered eligible. Specifically, for orders made between November 1 at 12 a.m. EST and December 31, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. EST, and that fall within the $500 price range, as well as satisfy all other eligibility requirements, Etsy will cover refund costs if a buyer encounters issues such as non-receipt of the order, delivery in damaged condition, or late arrival beyond the seller’s estimated delivery date.

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