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Etsy new faster checkout and Sixbit Software support

Etsy, the quaint marketplace for handmade products, announced they added guest checkout and Buy It Now for everyone.

Removing the obstacle of creating an account will improve conversions on listings. This step, which has been available for a while on eBay, should be welcomed by everyone selling on Etsy.

Sellers must accept Paypal or Etsy Payments for their listings to be eligible. Best of all, the company also offers Seller Protection for guest checkouts, the same as they do for registered members.

Even communications are managed within platform. The only real difference is that guests may not leave feedback on a purchase.


The staple that has revolutionized purchases on eBay is finally coming to Etsy as well. Of course, this is optional for sellers, but the feature will be available on desktop, mobile web, and in the app,

While many sellers on eBay do not like Buy It Now, the fact remains it has changed the marketplace, and many buyers do like just buying items without haggling.

This feature should also improve conversions on Etsy for sellers who chose to add Buy It Now to their listings.


Sixbit Software, the defacto replacement for eBay’s previous tool Blackthorne, officially released Etsy support with version 3.00.200.

The company had been beta testing the Etsy integration for some months with great success.

This release completes another step in Sixbit Software’s expansion into a real multichannel listing tool. Recently the company went live with full Amazon integration.


Etsy had some buzz lately, and there was even an article suggestion that Walmart should look at the company.

While the marketplace is relatively small in comparison to eBay and Amazon, it has changed both companies to implement features for homemade or custom made products.

Competition is good. Do you sell on Etsy? If so, we love to hear your comments below.

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