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Etsy Reduced USPS Priority Mail Shipping Rates on Friday

Etsy lowered prices on select USPS Priority Mail shipments on Friday, December 9, the company confirmed in a community notice.

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On Friday, we reported that eBay dropped their pricing on some USPS Priority Mail shipping rates on that day with immediate effect.

A quick comparison suggests the price adjustments appear to be the same — even so, the announcements by the two marketplaces suggest different zones and weight ranges for the additional discounts.

Both reductions are likely due to a new rate contract the US Postal Service entered with Pitney Bowes which powers both shipping platforms.

“Now when you purchase USPS Priority Mail labels on Etsy, you’ll save on average 5% off Etsy’s already discounted rates.* That’s up to $1.02 off — so you can put that money right back in your business,” the announcement said.

*Based on a 2-pound, zone 6 Priority Mail shipment only.

Etsy further explained that new lower prices apply to the following services shipping packages to zones 1 – 6 with weights between 1 to 10 lbs:

  • USPS Priority Mail
  • USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate
  • USPS Priority Mail Regional Rate

You can check current Etsy shipping rates with their shipping calculator tool.

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